Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:  Please explain the different types of learning opportunities that you offer.

I have 3 different ways to have fun improving your art skills.
1)  LIVE sessions ONLINE - These are publicly scheduled sessions or can be with a private group (Birthday party, etc).  This is real-time interaction with the artists and every session is fun & personalized to the attendees.  I use the Zoom meetings application for these LIVE ONLINE sessions.
2)  ON-DEMAND Video - is my video site where subscribers can view over +150 videos (and counting).  All you need is a web-capable device and you can watch & draw ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.  I am always adding new videos on many different subjects to appeal to all interests! This is a family safe site that is free of any of those pesky or inappropriate advertisements.

3) Online classes with

Q:  What age and skill level is required?

I offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced skill levels.

My motto is; “If you can write your name, I can teach you to draw!”.  I have found that around 6 yrs old is generally when a child can stay attentive for a typical 1-hour session.  However, every child is different, so feel free to contact me if you have a child younger than 6 yrs that you believe is ready for the beginner level.

For the ‘young-at-heart’, I love to have the wisdom and insight of the older generation in my classes.  Whether 6 yrs or 96 yrs, we have fun learning and improving our creative skills!


Q:  What is ON-DEMAND Video?

ON-DEMAND video is a video streaming service that is similar to Netflix or YouTube.  Easy to use by browsing thru categories or search thru all the videos.  With any web-capable device (computer, smartphone, smart TV) you can access ANYTIME and ANYWHERE!  Since it is my own video site, I have made it Family Safe and does not contain any advertisements like other sites.  Value priced for any budget.  For my ON-DEMAND Video, go to

Q:  What is the Time Zone in which the online classes will be held?

Online classes are in U.S. Central Time Zone (Texas, USA)

Q:  What are the methods of payment?

I use PAYPAL as my secure payment service for online transactions.  Paypal accepts multiple forms of payment (credit card, debit card, bank account, Paypal account balance, etc).   NOTE:  If paying with the major credit card or debit card, you do NOT need to have your own Paypal account.

Q:  Paypal site doesn't seem to be working for payment.  What should I do?

The solution is to update your version of Google Chrome and then go back thru the checkout process.  I haven't been able to confirm that this is a problem with other web browsers, but follow the same process.

If you try this and it still doesn't work, just email me and I will generate a direct invoice.

Unfortunately, this is not within my control and is an issue with 3rd party applications.  We have found that there is an issue between Google Chrome browser and Paypal checkout.  The problem seems to be when Chrome or Paypal make an update to their software apps and their websites.


Q:  What supplies do I need for DRAWING classes?

I purposely keep the supply list for drawing classes inexpensive to items that can be easily obtained from a department store or art supply store.
  • Card stock or thick art paper 8.5 x 11.
  • Pencils (HB hardness).
  • Colored pencil set.
  • Eraser.
  • Stomp or blending tool (q-tip).

Some optional items to have handy, but are not required for all classes.
  • Glue stick.
  • Scissors.
  • Black felt tip pen or fine tip black marker.
Be sure to check the supply list for each of the classes you register for if we will be using any special items for that class.

CLICK HERE to the Supplies page for brands & links where to purchase.  


Q:  What supplies do I need for PAINTING classes?

You will need to buy your paint and supplies ahead of class.  These can be found at a hobby store or art supply store.  Here is what you will need for painting classes.
  • Paper - watercolor paper or Mixed Media Paper
  • Black felt tip marker pencil and eraser.
  • 2qty - Jars of water.
  • Paper towels or napkins.
  • Paintbrushes - a variety of all sizes.
  • Paint tray - plastic for mixing colors
  • Paint - depending on the class - watercolor paints or acrylic paints. (Winsor & Newton, Artez, Master's Touch)

*Please look at the sample of the art we will create to ensure you have the colors needed for that class.

CLICK HERE to the Supplies page for brands & links where to purchase.  

Q:  What is your Privacy Policy?

Our policy can be found on our Privacy Policy page here:  Privacy Policy